2Grid BCPS: the Advanced Battery Charger

2Grid range: total monitoring of your LV CT

2Grid BCPS: Battery Charger for Digital Substation

BCPS is capable of powering devices intended for remote control and protection of the MV and BT network in secondary substations, as well as devices used to collect information from environmental sensors. and advanced electrical and relative sensors.

It can also be used as a general purpose battery charger power source.

2Grid Downloads

How does 2Grid work?

2Grid® BCPS characteristics

2Grid® BCPS Measurements

What Can Be Done With The Internal Website of the Device?

Your network, under total control.

  • View the measured parameters in real time.
  • Configure alarms and view their status.
  • Have access to your team’s event log.
  • Configure the equipment’s communication protocols.
  • Configure and customize graphs that display measured data.
  • View, create and edit users and their permissions.
  • Reset the device and make the relevant updates.

+ download the 2Grid presentation

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