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Sensors range, Rogowski coils and transformers

TP Transformers: Power Supply Without Interruption of Power Supply

Sensors TP, the TP transformer series consists of several models, which allow installation on a wide range of bus bars or power cables without interrupting the power supply.

The complete range covers a primary current range of 50 to 5000 A, with secondary outputs of 1 or 5 A or, on request, 1.5 V.

  • All models offer an accuracy class of 0.5, 1 and 3.
  • In addition to classes of 0.2s, 0.2 and 0.5s for the TPH-88, TP-812 and TP-816 models.
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Sensors® TP Technical characteristics

Sensors® TP Measurements

Measurement Sensors

At Smilics Technologies, we offer sensory solutions such as our Rogowski clamps and current transformers. Both designed to respond to the need for measurement and protection of secondary substations.

Rogowski clamps are essential to protect critical electrical systems in these centers, thanks to their precision and their main characteristic of not saturating, they allow precise detection of high currents and provide a quick response to short circuits, overloads and failures.

On the other hand, our current transformers provide very precise data for continuous monitoring of power supply quality and system performance, even being able to provide 0.2s class accuracies.

With these solutions, Smilics Technologies optimizes safety and operational efficiency in secondary substations, adapting to the specific needs of each installation.

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