At Smilics We Provide Tools to Measure, Control and Optimize Energy Consumption in Different Sectors

Product ranges

For Every Energy Need, a Smilics Product

We have comprehensive solutions that range from sensorization to cloud software, including the development of measurement and electrical management equipment.

Wibeee and Wibeee Nest App

The Wibeee solution, composed of a wide range of measurement equipment and an OEM SaaS platform, provides end users with a 360º view of their consumption and photovoltaic production in real time, regardless of the sector.

Furthermore, the solution allows marketing companies to collect this entire set of measures and process them with the aim of improving knowledge about their customers, their habits and consumption patterns, and thus be able to advise them on how to be more efficient.

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Mirubeee Products and Mirubeee App

Mirubeee is an intelligent solar surplus manager that allows you to make the most of your photovoltaic installation by managing the useful loads of the home and allowing a zero energy balance.

  • Very simple installation.
  • WiFi communication, without cables.
  • Smart management according to rate.
  • Free mobile APP, without licenses.

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Our wide range of sensors, from Current Transformers to Rogowski Coils, designed to adapt to all monitoring needs.

  • Open Core.
  • Easy installation.
  • Flexible Rogowski coils.

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It is a complete solution for LV supervision and control of secondary substations. Each device has been designed to provide an accurate analysis of the interior of a secondary distribution station.

  • Real-time information.
  • Maximum Cybersecurity.
  • Simple installation.

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