Harmonize Your Self-Consumption With Mirubeee and Start Managing and Using the Surplus From Your Photovoltaic Installation

Mirubeee Products and Mirubeee App

Optimize the Self-Consumption of Your Solar Panels

Half of self-consumers export more than they consume!

Minimize your surpluses and avoid the most expensive hours.

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What Exactly Is Mirubeee?

Mirubeee is a management system for large household electrical consumption that allows you to make the most of your installation photovoltaic and avoid consumption during the most expensive hours. All this intelligently, automatically and without complications.

How does Mirubeee work?

The Mirubeee system uses the house as a large energy store. It heats/cools the house when electricity is cheap or when there is surplus solar production, and takes advantage of thermal inertia to not consume when energy is more expensive.

Hot water consumption is critical during a small part of the day (shower time). The rest of the time the electric accumulator is used to store energy at the most appropriate time.

A pool requires a few hours of filtration daily to be clean, but the exact time of the operation does not matter. It is an important and easily moveable consumption!

The system consults every day what the price of electricity is each hour. This, together with the programming indicated by the user and the availability of photovoltaic surpluses, allows the decision to be made every minute to turn on or off home equipment.

To control photovoltaic surpluses, the Mirubeee system uses the electrical grid as a storage battery. That is why the discharge of surpluses into the network is allowed, which is compensated within a few minutes with the activation of certain devices. Therefore, the system does not regulate the power of the devices, but rather adapts their time of use to achieve the goal of “zero balance” within each calendar hour (since each hour the distributor makes a net balance between imported and exported energy).

Main uses

The Mirubeee solution is capable of acting on:

  • Air conditioning.
  • Electric hot water heater.
  • Electric radiators and aerothermal energy.
  • Pool.

Mirubeee Range Products

Compact and simple equipment for easy installation, in many cases, self-installable and with WiFi communications, so you do not have to wire.

Mirubeee Gateway

Reads data from solar inverters every minute and allows you to act quickly.

With Mirubeee Gateway you can turn electrical loads on or off as needed.

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Mirubeee Smart IR

Air Conditioning / Heat Pump.

It is a universal infrared (IR) emitter to control the air conditioning.

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Mirubeee Smart Switch

Pool pump / Aerothermal.

It is a box with 16A terminals with a cut-off relay. It works similar to the Smart Plug but wired.

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Mirubeee Smart Plug

Hot water and electric radiator.

It is a 16A plug with electricity consumption measurement and a cut-off relay.

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Mirubeee APP: the App that controls in real time

Half of self-consumers export more than they consume!

With Mirubeee App you can minimize your energy surpluses, avoid consumption during the most expensive hours and limit the maximum power so that everything works in harmony. Download Mirubeee APP for free, without fees or recurring payments.

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