2Grid Gate: Monitoring System for Electrical Parameters in Low Voltage Transformers

2Grid range: total monitoring of your LV CT

2Grid Gate: Power Line Monitoring System With Real-Time Communications With the Server

Measurements of:

  • The current of each of the three phases plus the outgoing neutral.
  • The voltage of each of the three phases with respect to the neutral, taken at the output of one of the line switches.
  • Measurements and events in real time to the server.
  • The device includes a 24V power cable, an Ethernet cable, 4 Flex current sensors and a 3PH voltage connector.
2Grid Downloads

Principal functions:

  • Three-phase + Neutral current measurement.
  • Measurement of three-phase voltages.
  • Calculation of derived electrical magnitudes. Power, power factor cos Φ, active/reactive/apparent power, active energy per quadrant, symmetrical components and frequency.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). Calculation of voltage and current harmonics up to the 41st (21st odd harmonic).
  • Measurement and recording of electrical parameters.
  • Registration of events.
  • Alarms: short circuit, overload, power failure.
  • The IoT device displays the most important measured values directly on the screen. Integrates communication interfaces through Modbus TCP and MQTT. The embedded web server is used to display measured values, events and device settings.
  • The IoT device is designed with high-power, long-lasting hardware components. Specific interfaces for metrology and sensory applications.
  • The hardware components of the device are selected to enhance security functions, such as generating, storing, and encrypting cryptographic keys.

How does 2Grid work?

2Grid® Gate Measurements

What Can Be Done With The Internal Website of the Device?

Your network, under total control.

  • View the measured parameters in real time.
  • Configure alarms and view their status.
  • Have access to your team’s event log.
  • Configure the equipment’s communication protocols.
  • Configure and customize graphs that display measured data.
  • View, create and edit users and their permissions.
  • Reset the device and make the relevant updates.

+ download the 2Grid presentation

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