2Grid CommPack GM4: LV Monitoring in Indoor Secondary Substations

2Grid range: total monitoring of your LV CT

2Grid CommPack GM4: A Measuring and Monitoring Device Is Essential to Ensure Efficient and Safe Operation

The 2Grid CommPack GM4 equipment provides continuous measurement and monitoring of all the key parameters of a LV secondary substation, which allows obtaining very valuable information for preventive maintenance, early detection of possible failures, optimizing performance and ensuring operational safety, thus extending the useful life of its assets and maximizing its operational efficiency.

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Main Functions

Equipment aimed at indoor CTs:

  • 4 secondary three-phase current measurements.
  • Primary three-phase current measurement
  • Secondary three-phase voltage measurement.

CommPack range general characteristics:

  • IP67 protection.
  • Self-powered in phases.
  • Neutral current measurement: Direct, calculated and homopolar.
  • Secondary three-phase voltage measurement.
  • Calculation of derived electrical quantities.
  • Calculation of harmonics.
  • Transformer oil temperature and pressure measurement.
  • Parameterizable digital I/O.
  • Measurement of outdoor ambient temperature.
  • Event and alarm log.
  • Internal web server for monitoring and configuration.
  • 4G-LTE CAT-1 mobile communications.
  • Communications: HTTPS (API/WEB), MQTTS, MODBUS TCP TLS.
  • Compliance with high cybersecurity standards.

How does 2Grid work?

2Grid® CommPack GM4 Measurements

What Can Be Done With The Internal Website of the Device?

Your network, under total control.

  • View the measured parameters in real time.
  • Configure alarms and view their status.
  • Have access to your team’s event log.
  • Configure the equipment’s communication protocols.
  • Configure and customize graphs that display measured data.
  • View, create and edit users and their permissions.
  • Reset the device and make the relevant updates.

+ download the 2Grid presentation

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