Help Your Customers Manage Their Consumption With Wibeee Nest and They Will Help You Improve Your Business

Wibeee Nest APP

The APP for the Centralized Management of Customer and Business Consumption

In our Nest app, the value of data is paramount.

With Wibeee Nest, your customers can easily access crucial information about their consumption, rates and solar generation. But that’s not all, since for the electricity marketer that installs this equipment to its clients, we offer a complete real-time view of all the data, allowing a more precise adaptation of rates and better decision making.

What else? We offer a wide range of customization options to suit your needs. From the basic option, which allows you to customize colors and logos, to the most complete, where we create a completely personalized structure for your electrical company. With access to data through API or with the possibility of establishing parallel routing for sending data from the equipment itself. With all this we provide you with the control and flexibility you need to make the most of your customer data.

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SaaS Model (Software as a Service)

  • Location and Availability: The platform is hosted on AWS, with replicas strategically located in Europe to ensure optimal availability and performance.
  • Access and Personalization: This is a multi-tenant solution that provides hundreds of thousands of users with access to personalized services within their own dedicated environment.
  • Management and Security: At Smilics Technologies, we take complete care of the maintenance, security and management of the software, ensuring that each user enjoys a safe and efficient experience .


“In less than 5 days the solution is with your brand and in your market.”

A multitenancy SaaS (Software as a Service) system is a cloud software architecture model that allows multiple customers (tenants) to share a single instance of an application, while maintaining the privacy and security of their data.

At Nest, several clients share the same computing resources, such as servers and databases. Despite sharing resources, clients are not aware of the existence of other clients and their data is kept completely separate.

Although they all share the same software instance, each customer can customize certain aspects of the application, such as the user interface.
Despite resource sharing, each client has its own data schema, ensuring that each client’s data is kept private and secure.

The value of the data

  • Export: We export to standard formats to be able to analyze the information with third-party tools. CSV, XLSX or even PNG or JPG.
    The user, based on the data shown in any of the graphs provided by Nest, can request the export of the data that has been used for its generation, taking into consideration the filters or the temporality that it covers.
  • Public API:Any programmer can integrate consumption data into other applications, data lakes, etc. Using the public API provided by Nest it is possible to create a complete application with the data collected by the meters. The Nest API is published with Swagger and documentation is provided so it can be used with minimal training. Security implemented based on tokens prevents unauthorized access.
  • Differentiated intake: We can send the data read from the meters to any third-party monitoring system. Optionally and thanks to a specific architecture that contemplates differentiated data ingestion, it is possible to create a data stream capable of sending readings in near real time to third parties, including other cloud providers or even local systems.

Rate engine

  • Rate engine, multi-currency: Allows consumption to be translated into economic values. Nest has a powerful rate creation and maintenance engine that allows you to inform any rate model. Thanks to this powerful engine, the user can obtain billing simulations, as well as receive advice on their consumption.
  • Maximum power analysis: Understand power peaks, their frequency and range. Nest offers the maximum power peaks of the last 12 months. By comparing this information and the rate reported by the client, the platform is able to recommend the appropriate power for the installation, eliminating unnecessary expenses due to oversized power.
  • Economic balance in PV: We analyze the profitability of the photovoltaic installation. The user is able to analyze the profitability of his investment.
    Thanks to the fact that Nest is able to,
    … on the one hand, collect the values ​​of self-consumption, self-generation and calculate the self-sufficiency of the PV installation,
    …and on the other hand, apply the price of the photovoltaic surplus.

Disaggregation of appliances

Thanks to the reading of data per second, it is possible to analyze the signal or electrical pattern of a multitude of appliances in daily use.

At Smilics every day we analyze more than 550k appliances thanks to our Inspecteee machine learning algorithm.

With this information in hand, we will be able to know which appliances a user uses and when.

Thus, it will be possible to profile users based on this information and take advantage of it to
…create cross-sell opportunities.
…offer rates appropriate to a type of consumer.
…gain added value for the end customer.

Collective solar self-consumption

We understand collective solar self-consumption as a photovoltaic installation from which several consumers can benefit simultaneously, which promotes the profitability of the systems and reduces the payback time.

Traditionally, the problem we encounter is that the consumer does not have visibility over the production that corresponds to them.

NEST offers a set of tools that allow a percentage of the total solar production of a common space to be assigned to a group of consumers, based on the participation of each one.
Thanks to this assignment, the consumer will be able to normally use the web portal or the app and will enjoy the same functionalities regarding their production and consumption (including disaggregation of appliances, power analysis, etc.) as if the PV installation were exclusively theirs.

The Energy Consumption Management Platform Made for Professionals

If you have a Tenant you will have your own Nest APP, but here is our Nest.

Wibeee Nest

Allow your customers to access Wibeee Nest from their preferred device using the app or web browser.

Wibeee Nest offers a wide range of features to help its customers manage and monitor their energy consumption, from residential environments to industrial spaces.

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Manager/supervisor profiles

In order to manage a large park of facilities we will need tools that give us visibility and allow individualized access.

NEST solves this problem by allowing the creation of manager or supervisor profiles; They are superusers with management capacity over a specific group of installations or over the entirety, respectively.

Typically, these are customer service profiles or the PV installers themselves.

We provide these users with the ability to impersonate the owners of the facilities with the aim of being able to carry out corrective or proactive maintenance.

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