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Industrial Sector

Solutions Focused on the Industrial Sector

At Smilics Technologies we offer industries solutions focused on improving the measurement of energy consumption in their production lines with the aim of:

  • Help you carry out preventive maintenance thanks to the control of expected consumption.
  • Be able to calculate the carbon footprint of your production processes, no matter what scale they are.
  • Help you shift loads by analyzing the correspondence between your solar production and your consumption, in real time.
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Wibeee to know industrial solar consumption and production

Solar Consumption and Production: All the Data at Your Service and in Real Time

Having real-time information on electricity consumption and solar production is crucial for the energy efficiency of your industry because it allows for more precise and adaptive energy management. With this data, informed decisions can be made to optimize energy use, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact by adjusting consumption based on solar energy availability, resulting in a more sustainable and economic system.

The brand model or configuration don’t matter for the different inverters that you may have installed in your photovoltaic system: for Wibeee this is irrelevant. You will be able to read your production in the second, regardless of the system and how powerful it is. With our range of Max meters, prepared to measure up to 5kA, we are sure that we will cover all your needs.

Oh. And if your installation is years old, and you need a retrofit, Wibeee will prevent you from having to change inverters!

Don't Let Anything Be Damaged Without Warning

Checking the consumption of different machines in a production process is crucial for preventive maintenance, as it allows abnormal patterns to be identified and interventions to be scheduled before costly failures.

Furthermore, monitoring energy consumption optimizes the use of machines, reduces operating costs and contributes to environmental sustainability. It also improves workplace safety by reducing the likelihood of failures and accidents.

Thanks to Wibeee, it is easier to make informed decisions about the useful life of machines, investments and maintenance strategies, increasing profitability and operational efficiency.

CO2 Footprint, a Fundamental Measure for the Environment… and for Your Industry

Calculating the carbon footprint in industrial production processes is essential to identify the main sources of emissions, comply with environmental regulations and optimize the use of resources. Wibeee provides detailed reports that allow industries to develop effective mitigation strategies and improve their environmental performance, achieving a competitive advantage.

Identification and Mitigation of Emissions

Calculating the carbon footprint allows industries to identify the main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in their operations. This is crucial to develop effective climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, helping to reduce the environmental impact of industrial production.

and Trust

Complying with increasingly strict environmental regulations is another key benefit of calculating your carbon footprint. Furthermore, transparency in this process can improve the public image of the industry and strengthen stakeholder trust, showing a genuine commitment to sustainability.

Cost Reduction and Optimization

Calculating your carbon footprint can lead to long-term cost reduction by implementing energy efficiencies and optimizing processes. By decreasing emissions and energy consumption, industries not only save resources but also gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Measurement Sensors

At Smilics Technologies, we offer sensory solutions such as our Rogowski coils and Current Transformers. Both designed to respond to the need for measurement and protection of secondary substations.

Rogowski coils are essential to protect critical electrical systems in these centers, thanks to their precision and their main characteristic of not saturating, they allow precise detection of high current and provide a quick response to short circuits, overloads and failures.

On the other hand, our Current Transformers provide very precise data for continuous monitoring of power supply quality and system performance, even being able to provide 0.2s class accuracies.

With these solutions, Smilics Technologies optimizes safety and operational efficiency in secondary substations, adapting to the specific needs of each installation.


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