With Wibeee, Build Customer Loyalty by Offering Them Value-Added Services While Helping Them Manage Their Energy Consumption Efficiently

Wibeee Products and Wibeee Nest App

Collect Your Customers' Consumption Readings in Real Time and Explain What and How They Use Energy Thanks to Our Wibeee Measurement Solutions With Integrated AI

Discover what your customers consume in real time through our Wibeee measurement solutions.

Knowing their consumption will allow you to better evaluate the needs of your customers and better adapt your offers.
With our OEM proposal, you will have total customization of devices, platform and apps, so that you can offer them a premium experience for your business.

Wibeee Presentation Dossier

Wibeee is the all-in-one energy management for large customer bases

You will always find a Wibeee meter that adapts to the needs of your client, whether it is residential, small and medium enterprise or industrial.

All our meters will send you data every second, which will be processed in your own instance of the platform and which you can use to provide the response you need.

The modularity of the different functionalities (collective solar self-consumption, rate management, surplus management with load management…) will make it easier for you to implement the solution at the pace you need.

What elements make up the solution?

  1. A measuring device 2 in 1 (measurement and communication in a single device).
    • Easy installation.
    • WiFi or NB-IoT connection.
    • Internal memory, up to 30 days.
    • Sending information in real time.
  2. An OEM platform to visualize and analyze data with differentiated profiles for administrators, supervisors, managers, owners and guests.
    • App available on iOS and Android.
    • Web version.
    • Real-time visualization.

Main Features

Wibeee® meters have some common characteristics:

  • Easy installation: all our devices can be hot-plugged, by a professional electrician, without interrupting the power supply.
  • The Wibeee are capable of measuring in 2 or 4 quadrants.
  • They offer communications via WiFi, Modbus TCP/RTU and NB-IoT
  • They have an internal memory of up to 30 days that prevents data loss when there is a communications failure.
  • The apps allow the user to view and analyze the information, while the website allows you to offer a support service (supervisors) or remote management (managers).
  • They natively integrate the disaggregation of household appliance consumption thanks to ML/AI algorithms.

Wibeee Product Range

Electrical consumption meters for single and three-phase lines.

Wibeee One

The most compact electricity consumption meter on the market with 'clip-on' installation.

The most suitable for small and medium-sized companies due to its versatility and precision.

Single and three-phase versions, with and without neutral.

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Wibeee Box

Thanks to the fact that its single-phase version can measure three circuits (the general one plus two auxiliaries), it is the device preferred by marketers for residential installations with photovoltaic generation.

In its three-phase version and capable of measuring up to 300A, it is ideal for measurement projects in SMEs.

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Wibeee Max

Our equipment designed especially for industrial environments offers measurement of three-phase lines for medium and high currents, up to 5kA.

Equipped with Rogosky coils, also manufactured in-house, and with a selection of scales to offer a wide range of measurements.

Meters with cutting capacity.

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Wibeee Connect

A single-phase meter, in DIN rail format, ideal for managing equipment or controlling devices where action is necessary.

With a load cutting capacity of 63A and the possibility of billing for energy consumption, this certified 62053-21/23 meter is the solution adopted by our clients for the control of vacation rental apartments, camping plots, sports marinas…

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Wibeee Plug Pro

Over-plug with a 30-day memory for WiFi disconnections, it allows us to program on/off, act manually remotely, or automatically according to consumption or even excess power.
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Wibeee Nest: The Energy Consumption Management Platform Made for Professionals

Your customers will access Wibeee Nest from their favorite device, with a 100% personalized experience with your brand image.

Whether they are residential customers, SMEs or industries, Wibeee Nest will offer them in real time the information they need to improve their electrical energy efficiency.

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