2Grid Is the Most Complete Solution for the Digitalization of Low Voltage Secondary Substations

2Grid solution for digitizing a CT

The Digitalization of Electrical Networks Is Essential for the Energy Transition

The digitalization and automation of electrical networks allows total interconnectivity in real time, knowing the status of each node, segment and element of the network, and increasing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the lines.
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Advantages of Using 2Grid

Having a digitized network allows you to:

  • Ensure quality.
  • Avoid failures.
  • Improve efficiency.

2Grid Adapts to Any Type of Secondary substation

2Grid is a complete monitoring and control solution for LV substations for power distribution companies. Each device has been designed to provide accurate analysis and high cybersecurity standards.


Total monitoring of your LV CT.

The 2Grid solution is made up of up to five devices that allow you to monitor and manage all the key electrical and environmental parameters of your LV substation. All 2Grid equipment allows efficient and secure communication for remote monitoring and control through its visualization platform.

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2Grid Gate

Electrical monitoring device with real-time communications with the server. Its main functions are:
  • Transformer overload detection.
  • Quality measurement of the electrical supply.
  • Electrical fraud detection.

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2Grid Feeder

Monitoring device for the different feeders of your CT with real-time communications with the server. Its main functions are:
  • Detection of a Feeder overload.
  • Measurement of the output voltage level of the tap changer​.
  • Detection of imbalances between phases.

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2Grid Bulker

MV to LV power distribution transformer monitoring device. Its main functions are:
  • Ozone Sensor for electric arc detection.​
  • Transformer overheating detection.
  • Transformer oil temperature measurement.​

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2Grid Green

Substation environmental monitoring device. Its main functions are:
  • Substation door opening status.
  • Dark smoke level monitor.
  • Measurement of ambient temperature and RH indoors.

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2Grid BCPS

2Grid® BCPS is an advanced digital substation power battery charger.

It is capable of powering devices intended for remote control and protection of the MV and LV network in a secondary substation, as well as devices used to collect information from advanced environmental and electrical sensors and relative sensors.

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2Grid CommPack

Whatever your type of substation, with CommPack you can monitor it.

2Grid CommPack is available in two versions to be installed in both a pole transformer and a ground transformation substation.

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2Grid CommPack PM1

2Grid® CommPack PM1 is a monitoring system designed to digitize transformers installed on electrical poles.

Discover all the features of CommPack PM1.

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2Grid CommPack GM4

2Grid® CommPack GM4 is a monitoring system for Low Voltage secondary substations.

Discover all the features of CommPack GM4.

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What Can Be Done With The Internal Website of the Device?

Your network, under total control.

  • View the measured parameters in real time.
  • Configure alarms and view their status.
  • Have access to your team’s event log.
  • Configure the equipment’s communication protocols.
  • Configure and customize graphs that display measured data.
  • View, create and edit users and their permissions.
  • Reset the device and make the relevant updates.

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