Wibeee Connect: Plug-in Electricity Meters to Monitor Consumption

Wibeee range, home and office management

Wibeee Connect Meters: Wireless and Easy Installation

Wibeee Connect, plug-in electricity meters to monitor individual device consumption.

Once installed, the meter is completely hidden and integrated within the electrical panel, making it ideal for protecting it against manipulation or extraction.

  • Measurement in real time.
  • Single-phase and three-phase measurements.
  • Comprehensive control through Wibeee Nest.
  • Storage of historical data in local mode for up to one month in case of loss of Internet connection.
Wibeee Downloads

How does Wibeee work?

Wibeee® Connect technical characteristics

Wibeee® Connect Measurements

Wibeee Nest: The Energy Consumption Management Platform Made for Professionals

Your customers will access Wibeee Nest from their favorite device, with a 100% personalized experience with your brand image.

Whether they are residential customers, SMEs or industries, Wibeee Nest will offer them in real time the information they need to improve their electrical energy efficiency.

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