Digitize Your Distribution Network and Ensure Supply Quality by Avoiding Failures and Improving Operational Efficiency

BT Secondary Substation

Solutions for BT Secondary Substations

At Smilics Technologies we offer the most complete solution on the market for monitoring and control of LV substations.

Each device has been designed to provide accurate analysis and high cybersecurity standards.

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2Grid for Photovoltaic and wind power plants

Our 2Grid Solution Also Works for Generation Secondary Substations

In solar and wind power plants, 2Grid from Smilics Technologies addresses critical problems such as revenue losses due to inefficiencies in energy transformation. With complete monitoring of the secondary substation that handle low to medium voltage energy, 2Grid allows you to quickly detect malfunctions, such as overheating, inverter failures, problems with the transformer, flooding and electrical arcs.

In addition, 2Grid‘s remote monitoring and management capacity significantly reduces maintenance costs: avoiding continuous travel, facilitating centralized maintenance and control, and ensuring a safe and efficient environment. With 2Grid, energy production is optimized, losses are minimized and the profitability and reliability of operations in photovoltaic and wind power plants are guaranteed.

Solutions for Electrical Distribution Company (DSO)

The 2Grid solution from Smilics Technologies is specially designed for electrical distribution companies or DSOs, allowing them to monitor and manage low voltage substations. 2Grid is available in several versions to cover all types of installations.

Detects overloads, short circuits, measures the quality of supply, identifies electrical fraud or locates incidents in real time.
It uses all the information provided by the 2Grid solution and improves customer service, allowing the immediate detection of faults and their location, thus improving the company’s SAIDI and SAIFI.

2Grid for Industrial Customers With CT

For industries that operate with medium voltage power, such as data centers, chemical, steel and wastewater treatment companies, 2Grid offers a robust monitoring and control solution.

Preventing supply problems is crucial, especially for data centers, where a transformer failure can be catastrophic. 2Grid allows for remote maintenance, significantly reducing operating costs. Additionally, with its focus on preventive maintenance, 2Grid detects potential failures before they become serious problems. This comprehensive solution provides accurate data and real-time control, ensuring safer and more efficient operation for industrial customers.

Manufacturing and Processing Industry

Manufacturing industries, such as steel and chemicals, depend on secondary substations for reliable electricity supply. In electronics and textile manufacturing plants, they are crucial to maintaining efficiency and avoiding costly interruptions. Paper, food, pharmaceutical and other sectors require transformers for high energy demands. Mining industries, shipyards and heavy machinery manufacturing also depend on them. The aerospace industry needs a robust electrical infrastructure for its advanced processes.

and Services

Medium to low voltage secondary substations are vital in infrastructure and services. In data centers, they ensure uninterrupted power supply to protect data. Water treatment plants depend on them for constant and efficient operation. Large shopping malls and office complexes require reliable electrical infrastructure. Hospitals need these centers to ensure power for critical equipment and emergency services. Industrial parks use these centers to efficiently distribute electricity between facilities.

and Generation

In the energy and generation sector, medium to low voltage secondary substations are crucial. In photovoltaic and wind plants, they convert energy for efficient distribution. Automotive factories, with their own renewable sources, need them to manage their internal energy. They are essential to ensure efficiency and reduce operating costs, maximizing profitability and sustainability.

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Measurement Sensors

At Smilics Technologies, we offer sensory solutions such as our Rogowski coils and Current Transformers. Both designed to respond to the need for measurement and protection of secondary substations.

Rogowski coils are essential to protect critical electrical systems in these centers, thanks to their precision and their main characteristic of not saturating, they allow precise detection of high current and provide a quick response to short circuits, overloads and failures.

On the other hand, our Current Transformers provide very precise data for continuous monitoring of power supply quality and system performance, even being able to provide 0.2s accuracy class.

With these solutions, Smilics Technologies optimizes safety and operational efficiency in secondary substations, adapting to the specific needs of each installation.


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