Rogowski Coils and Current Transformers Adapted to All Needs

Smilics Sensors

Use Our Sensors to Take Measurements

Discover our wide range of sensors, from Current Transformers to Rogowski Coils, designed to adapt to all monitoring and protection needs. With a split core for easy installation, we ensure accurate measurements in industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Our sensors can be used as:

  • Measuring Device.
  • Protection Device.
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Use Cases of Our Sensors

Our sensors are essential in a variety of electrical applications, from current monitoring in distribution systems to overcurrent protection in electrical substations. In industrial environments, they facilitate fault diagnosis and process optimization, while in the renewable energy sector they ensure efficient and safe energy generation. Additionally, in the oil and gas industry, they ensure safety and efficiency in operations by monitoring currents in critical equipment. In summary, our sensor technology offers versatility and precision for the control and protection of electrical systems in various industries.

Sensors Will Adapt to All Types of Applications

As an OEM manufacturer we have the possibility of making the sensor that best suits your application.

Sensors – Current Transformers

Current transformers for measurement.

Our current transformers are designed specifically for electrical measurement applications. They offer an accurate and reliable solution for monitoring currents in a variety of industrial, commercial and residential environments. Using cutting-edge technology, our transformers ensure accurate measurements without compromising the safety or efficiency of the electrical system.

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Sensors Push

Simple installation with core opening button, covering currents of 100-5000 A and offering high precision.

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Sensors TP

Versatile transformers for bus bars or cables, with currents from 50-5000 A and multiple precision options.

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Sensors WG

Versatile transformers for bus bars or cables, with currents from 50-5000 A and multiple precision options.

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Sensors Loop

Circular transformers with 80 or 105 mm windows, precise and suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

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Sensors STP

Split core transformers with currents of 100-1000 A, designed for easy and precise installations.

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Sensors SC3

Three-hole transformer for cables up to 14 mm, perfect for 125 A MCCBs.

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Sensors Rogowski Coils

Rogowski coils for measurement and protection.

Our Rogowski coils offer a versatile solution for accurate measurements in a variety of electrical applications. Designed with advanced technology, these coils provide accurate current measurements in industrial, commercial and residential environments. Additionally, their flexible and lightweight design makes them ideal for applications where space is limited.

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Sensors Magnetic Flex

Passive Rogowski coils with sealable magnetic connector, easy to install, with 100mV/1kA@50Hz output.

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Sensors C Flex

Flexible passive sensors that measure alternating current with a ratio of 89mV/kA@50Hz, ideal for diverse applications.

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Sensors Din Flex

Converts typical mV outputs from Rogowski coils into any standard…/1A current measurement or protection device with a compact DIN module design, includes flexible sensor and DC power option.

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Discover the Main Applications of Our Sensors

With Sensors solutions, Smilics Technologies optimizes safety and operational efficiency in secondary substations, adapting to the specific needs of each installation.

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