Help to Manage Energy Consumption in the Residential and Businesses Sectors

Residential and business sector

Solutions for the Residential Sector and Companies

Wibeee and Mirubeee products respond to the main energy management problems for small consumers, covering, among others, the following notable use cases:

  • Collective solar self-consumption.
  • Management and billing of energy consumption of apartments, commercial premises and companies.
  • Ensure a zero surplus policy in photovoltaic installations.
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The solution to the problem of shared power generation

Collective Solar Self-Consumption in Wibeee Nest

The collective solar self-consumption functionality has been designed in Nest to serve groups of users who want to share the solar production of a group of solar panels, each of them receiving a predetermined percentage of said production.

Consumer panel

It represents the list of owners assigned to a generating space, with their participation percentages and the devices that will measure the individual consumption of each owner.
The sum of all the percentages of a consumer space will be equal to 100% of the production.


The location is the entity that represents a community of users who wish to share a common solar production.

Generator Panel

From here we will read all the information about solar generation with a three-phase equipment (usually Wibeee Box Tri or Wibeee Max) that directly measures the production at the output of the inverter.
If the size of the facility requires it, as many generating spaces can be created as necessary to serve the community.

Control and Bill the Energy Consumption of Apartments, Commercial Premises and Companies That You Have as Clients

Thanks to Connect and its 62053-21/23 certification, you will have the possibility of invoicing the consumption of your clients (vacation rentals, campsites, marinas, public EV chargers. ..) and also have the ability to interrupt the supply remotely.

We Have a Wibeee For Every Need

Our Wibeee solutions are designed to adapt to any type of installation, whether residential or business. With the Wibeee range of devices, we can ensure accurate and efficient measurement of energy consumption. Contact us and discover how Wibeee can optimize energy management in offices, workshops and homes, providing specific solutions for each need.


Wibeee Connect, One, Box and Plug Pro for optimal energy management.


Wibeee Box, Plug Pro and Plug devices are ideal for the home.

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Wibeee Box, Connect and Max are designed for these environments.

I have a project in mind

Manage and Use the Surpluses You Generate in a Photovoltaic Installation With Mirubeee

Mirubeee is an intelligent solar surplus manager that helps self-consumers make the most of their photovoltaic installation. During the day, it is common for there to be more photovoltaic production than is consumed at home. The excess energy is poured into the electrical grid, but the company pays little for it. The most energetically and economically efficient is to take advantage of the energy generated on the roof itself. One solution is the use of storage batteries, but they are usually expensive. Mirubeee is an alternative and economical solution that allows useful electrical loads to be turned on at the right times to take advantage of solar production and reduce surpluses. Pool purifiers, hot water accumulators or air conditioning equipment are electrical consumers with the possibility of shifting their use to times of maximum production.

  • The Mirubeee solution is universal and very easy to install.
  • The hardware is small, discreet, wireless, and the mobile APP allows for simple programming and monitoring, within reach of anyone.

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