Do you know the benefits of Mirubeee?

Electric self-consumption is on the rise in Spain. Installations of solar panels on homes and buildings are growing at a surprising rate, surpassing the expectations of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition. It is estimated that this year they will triple, exceeding 200,000 installations and generating energy for over 100,000 additional households.

Currently, with more than 60,000 installations, the installed capacity is equivalent to that of two Spanish nuclear power plants. Although these systems could cover the consumption of 92,000 households, they represent 38% of their total energy needs.

To fully leverage the potential of these installations and efficiently meet energy requirements, it is crucial to address challenges such as surplus management and the complexity of the billing system.

💡 Mirubeee provides solutions to these challenges:

– Intelligent Surplus Management: Optimize your system’s performance by efficiently using the generated energy.
– Precise Monitoring: Control your consumption in real-time for more effective management.
– Operating Schedules: Set the operating schedule for your appliances.

Visit our website to discover how Mirubeee can transform your experience in electric self-consumption. Make your solar panels even more efficient and sustainable. ☀️