Unify, simplify, optimize

Imagine having complete control over your energy consumption and getting the most out of your solar panels without any hassle.
This is what you achieve by using Mirubeee and Wibeee, two innovative solutions that transform your experience with solar energy.

With Mirubeee, you become a master of energy management in your home. This smart surplus manager allows you to adapt your consumption to solar production in real time, ensuring that you always make the smartest decision regarding your solar panels. The result? You maximize the use of your solar energy without having to invest in additional batteries.

Wibeee, on the other hand, is like having an expert in electricity consumption always available. Its monitoring technology gives you a clear view of how and where you consume energy in your home, in real time. Thanks to its artificial intelligence, you can even identify the consumption of specific appliances without needing complex installations.

This not only simplifies the management of your energy but also opens the door to significant savings.

What does all this mean for you?

📌 Real-time control: You adapt your energy consumption to the production of your solar panels, ensuring efficient use of your resources without wasting a single watt.
📌 Smart savings: With the detailed information Wibeee provides about your consumption, you can identify where and how to save on your electric bill.
📌 No additional investments: Mirubeee allows you to maximize the solar energy generated in your home without the need to spend more on batteries, thanks to effective surplus management.
📌 Simple installation: Both solutions are designed to integrate easily into your home.

By using Mirubeee and Wibeee, you are not only utilizing solar energy more efficiently but also taking a step towards a more sustainable future, controlling your energy consumption, and reducing your carbon footprint.