Do you know how to save energy doing laundry?

Continuing with our tips for the month of December to help you save energy, today we are going to talk about the washing machine. Do you know how to save energy? Pay attention:

– If you are going to buy a new washing machine, choose an efficient one that has a label or B. It is the first point to save energy.
– If you are going to put a washing machine, remember to wash with cold water or at low temperature (30º). Heating the water consumes 80% of the energy.
– Fill the drum so as not to waste electricity or water, do not use a semi-empty washing machine.
– If your clothes do not have dirt stains, use short programs of 15, 30 or 45 minutes will be more than enough.
– If you want to use the dryer, do not forget to spin the clothes to the maximum in the washing machine. Spinning consumes much less energy than tumble drying.
– What time to put the washing machine? Tip? Trowel? Valley? The time slot arose from your needs, but it is normal that off-peak hours are chosen due to their low cost. Thus, we can say that the best time to put the washing machine on is between 00:00 and 08:00 in the morning.

We hope that some of our tips for saving energy this winter can be useful to you. Remember that if you want to be in control of your consumption, it will be much easier with any Wibeee product.

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