Digitalization of energy for home and office

Two solutions to know your consumption and take action.

Read with Wibeee, interpret with Nest

We offer you the tools to know and understand where, when, and how much energy your home and office consume in order to make the space more efficient or maximize your business profitability.

Wibeee meters for comprehensive and accurate monitoring

One piece, wireless and friendly-user installation.

  • Real-time measurament.
  • Easy “Clip-on” installation.
  • Single-phase and three-phase measurements.
  • Storage of historical data in local mode for up to one month in case of loss of internet connection

Excellent for homes and small businesses.

  • Real-time measurament.
  • Easy installation.
  • Single-phase and three-phase measurements.
  • Storage of historical data in local mode for up to one month in case of loss of internet connection.
  • The most versatile device, a universal solution.

Plug-in and command.

  • Real-time measurament.
  • Easy “Plug-in” installation.
  • Smart schedule to optimize its use.
  • Integrated relay for a remote control.
  • Historical data storage in local mode for up to one month in case of Internet connection loss.

Wibeee Nest makes visible what is not seen.

Behind the walls and wiring of your space, things are happening; the Wibeee Nest software allows you to know and understand them.

Knowledge is power.

Visualize the total and partial expenses based on measured data and discover opportunities for savings.

Virtual submetering & Artificial Intelligence.

The system is capable of learning and recognizing the consumption of different appliances based on the analysis of electrical patterns.


Access your real-time consumption of energy consumed, exported, purchased, and generated from anywhere and at any time.

How it works?

Install the Wibeee equipment in your space

Follow the installation instructions in the quick guide included in the Wibeee packaging.

Download Nest
to your mobile device.

Available for iOS and Android.

Link them

Follow the app’s instructions to link your Wibeee equipment to your Wibeee Nest account.

Read the consumption and access the data.

Start analyzing all the consumption data that your Wibeee reads and sends to the cloud.

Harmonize your self-consumption

Half of the self-consumers export more energy than they consume. Mirubeee allows you to manage the surplus of your photovoltaic installation to make the most of your energy.

Mirubeee actuators: intelligent, wireless, and easy to install control.

Plug-in and command

Easy and practical; a solution for the management of self-consumption surpluses. With Smart Plug we can switch on and off hot water heaters or electric radiators.

On & off relay.

Smart Switch can be used as a relay for connection and disconnection in the control panel of the swimming pool pump, electric radiator, aerothermics whenever we have surpluses.

Infrared Transmitter

It is an infrared transmitter that will act on the air conditioning split we have installed; it will act as an intelligent remote control.

Mirubeee® system coordinator

It reads the production and consumption data of the inverters or Wibeees through the local network, enabling continuous monitoring to make decisions about control devices.

Make the best decision regarding your photovoltaic installation

configuring, programming, and monitoring from anywhere and at any time with the Mirubeee app.

Current situation

Status of equipment operation at the current moment: off, operating, operating on schedule, operating on surplus.

Monthly analysis and amortization

Tracking of key global metrics such as “self-consumption percentage,” “off-peak usage,” or the amortization of the solar installation.

Climate and thermal configuration

Creation of operation schedules for starting or stopping operations during surplus periods or peak hours.

How it works?

Install your Mirubeee equipment.

The installation is very easy and wireless

Configure the operation through the app.

Decide how and when the equipment will operate based on the energy generation of your solar panels.

Analyze your photovoltaic installation.

Track the most relevant parameters and ensure that everything is functioning properly.

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