Happy wWomen’s Day!

On this International Women’s Day, from Smilics Technologies, we want to pay a special tribute to a pioneering figure in the field of industrial engineering in Catalonia: Isabel Trabal, the first Catalan woman to obtain a degree in Industrial Engineering in 1949.

Born in Barcelona in 1924, Isabel Trabal not only broke barriers in a field dominated by men but also successfully led her family’s factory until 1981. Subsequently, she co-founded “Caixa d’Enginyers,” demonstrating her commitment and passion for engineering and entrepreneurship.

Her decision to become an engineer at the early age of 9, inspired by the desire to help her sick father, is a testament to her determination and vision. Despite being the only woman in her class, Isabel never felt different from her peers, earning their respect from the first day of classes with her firm conviction and ability to face challenges with bravery.

Isabel Trabal is an inspiring example of perseverance, dedication, and leadership. At Smilics Technologies, we celebrate her legacy and that of all women who, like her, have paved the way and made significant contributions to engineering and technology.